3 Reasons to Listen to Your Employees Before Building an Office

Happy employees reflect well on your business and may even inspire others to join your company. One way to keep your employees content is by giving them a voice in decisions that will directly affect them. The environment they work in tremendously affects their attitude.

Their outlook on the future of their career with your company will be positive if you take their needs into consideration. Your employees spend at least 40 hours a week at work; therefore, it is essential they actually feel welcomed and comfortable in the office all day. Here are some reasons you should listen to your employees’ needs before you build your new office:


1) It will establish trust. Building trust between managers and employees is not an impossible goal. By asking what your employees want and need in their office to effectively do their jobs, you are showing them that you appreciate them enough to take their needs into consideration. If you show them you care and humanize yourself, it will establish trust.


2) New ideas. More than likely, you’ll receive new ideas that may have been forgotten or overlooked. Your employees probably have smart insights that can be included in the office design you may have never thought of. Ask your employees what they need in order to do their jobs because they may have different needs than yourself and others.


3) It will keep your employees happy. Surveys show employees who believe their voice matters have a very positive view of their employer.

People stay at companies where they feel they are going to be appreciated and taken care of, it’s that simple. Listening to their needs before designing your office will show them you appreciate them and respect their differing opinions. Thus, they will be more likely to be happy in your company.


Your office can tremendously help or hurt your business. If your employees do not like coming to the office every day, eventually they are going to seek other employment opportunities. In order to prevent this, it is immensely important to listen to your employees before making any huge changes to the office.


Once you know what your employees want and you’ve come up with an overall idea of what you’d like to see in your new office, make sure you contact Innovative Office Solutions. Our experienced and knowledgeable design team has the track record of delivering amazing workspaces. Be sure to contact us today and let us help you build your team’s ideal office.

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