3 Trends Influencing Workplace Design

As the baby boomer generation makes it exit out of the workplace, the millennial generation is coming in fast and furious, soon becoming the majority in the workplace. The difference between how the two generations work is as different as night and day. Because of this shift, the design of the workplace environment is likely to dramatically change to make adjustments for the next generation of leaders.

Here are three trends influencing workplace design:

Employee Wellness.

Investing in employee wellness has become a major priority across companies looking to hire and retain team members. Aside from encouraging (and even offer benefits) for wellness checkups with their doctors and offering free gym memberships, companies are turning to office design to help take their wellness up a notch.

Ergonomics is being taken more seriously. Companies are swapping out traditional desks for sit-and-stand desks, providing ergonomic chairs and other ergonomic solutions for phones, computer monitors, and keyboards. Additionally, natural light is more valuable as it helps to reduce headaches and drowsiness and has been shown to result in happier, healthier employees with increased productivity.


There has been a rise in companies offering its team the ability to work remotely. While this a great benefit for everyone involved, employers spend less on overhead while those who work from home… get to work from home; the drawback, however, is that teams can then find it difficult to communicate, be creative and work collaboratively.  That’s when hoteling comes into the picture.

Hoteling is providing an office space to employees when it is needed rather than on a traditional, regularly reserved basis. Hoteling is achieved by creating an inviting environment that is open and easy to work in. The key is to make sure individuals have adequate workstations, plenty of space for collaboration, all the technology components necessary and ample storage space.

Open Space.

Ditching the cubicles and adapting an open space design has been a growing trend over the last couple of years. By having an open office, team members are more easily able to interact with each other. This not only helps to build team camaraderie but it also builds more opportunities for collaboration. Because there aren’t any walls in the way, team members feel more comfortable turning to each other for help or assistance and informal meetings happen spontaneously and more often. Studies have suggested that millennials are seeking employers that offer a  culture of collaboration. What better way to achieve this than by having an open space design?

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