5 Workplace Trends for 2015

The “face” of business is constantly changing and evolving. We found some interesting trends for 2015, here are our top five.

No. 1 Technology
It doesn’t come as any surprise that technology is changing the landscape of business. It has been and will always be the catalyst for the changes in the way we work. More efficiently, more effectively, and it has redefined what it means to be “in the office.” Meetings can happen anywhere, the thought of a traditional office is slowly being replaced by any location with a strong wi-fi signal.

No. 2 Flexibility & Work-Life Balance
With all the changes in technology it is becoming easier to work from non-traditional locations, and it also means it’s easier to connect with clients, employees or co-workers, essentially turning the 9-5 work day into 24/7 accessibility. We have become so “plugged in” that it’s hard to leave work at work. More and more employers are allowing their staff to work from home, when appropriate, helping to create a work-life balance. Personal appointments come up, kids need picked up from school, and offering the flexibility to allow employees to manage their personal lives while still taking care of the work obligations has been shown to create employee loyalty and decrease turnover.

No. 3 Wellness and Productivity
Employing a company wellness culture has been shifting along with the new technology advancements. Workplace design has evolved to allow employees to work productively while improving ergonomics. Adding a standing desk or seating options which can improve posture while working at a PC can help with your overall employee wellness.

No. 4 Inclusion
Creating an inclusive workplace has evolved past providing mobility and access for wheelchair users. It embraces access to work and services for a wide range of employees – those with physical or mental disabilities, as well as the growing number of aging employees. The contemporary workplace needs to continue to remove barriers and provide a safe, inclusive environment for all employees.

No. 5 Multi-Generational Workplace
We have yet to see a time where there has been more of an age disparity among co-workers and employees than now. Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and the Millennials are all fighting for the same positions at the same companies and all have very unique attributes they could bring to the job. Rather than trying to fit each generation into a certain mold, more and more employers are working to meet the needs of the individuals and their working styles. Blending the generations into one workforce will create a powerful, diverse talent pool to drive your business.

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