6 Considerations to Make When Space Planning

Turning concepts into reality; that’s in short, what space planning is. The main objective for planning any office space should always be to create a design and arrangement that allows the staff to work both independently and collaboratively by providing the best opportunity for open communication, efficient workflow, effective layout, and spark creativity. To successfully complete such a tall objective, there are 6 considerations that should be made when space planning.


At the start of any space planning project, it’s important to know what is the purpose or use of the space. There are several different types of office spaces — such as cubicles, conference rooms, private offices, collaborative areas, etc. — and depending on what kind of work your team will be doing, will decide what will work best for the space.  


The layout of the space goes hand-in-hand with the purpose of the space; or rather, they are dependent on each other. Now is the time to think about who goes where and what will make sense for the placement of each department. Should the sales team be on the opposite side of where the marketing team will be or should you place them closer to each other? When creating the layout, it’s important to keep in mind what you want the overall flow to be and how you want your team to work together.


What kind of vibe are you wanting the space to send out? How do you want everything to look and feel? Deciding on the color scheme and type of furniture that will fill the space will have an impact on the team’s productivity, so choose carefully.

Technology and Equipment

The type of technology and equipment you will use in your day-to-day can impact the design and layout of the space. Being sure there will be adequate access to electrical outlets, phone jacks, range to Wi-Fi and printers, etc., must all be considered before a single piece of furniture is moved in. It may even be a good idea to bring in your IT team to be sure all your bases are covered and all needs and requirements will be meet.


Yes, you want to plan for the team you currently have; but it’s not a bad idea to think about where you see the company in 3-5 years and how the space you’re planning now will fit in with the future. Leaving a little room for growth will help you save in the future.


Be sure to consider your storage and filing needs. Storage, and having enough of it, is often a forgotten concept when space planning; and leaving it to the very end can create an awkward flow or leave you with not enough.

Utilizing these tips at the start of your space planning project will give you a well planned and designed space that will get your business off on the right foot by providing the best environment for your team to work productively and efficiently in.

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