Adjustable desks can improve your health

Cardiovascular disease. Type 2 diabetes. Obesity. What do all of these health risks have in common? Stumped? You have a greater risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity by choosing to sit for long periods of time. Some even say it is compared to the ill-effects of smoking. If you work in an office environment, it may be difficult to do anything about this problem when you only have one option, but there are height-adjustable desks available loaded with benefits if used properly.

Using a height-adjustable desk can help you improve your health, productivity, and positivity. All three of these areas of life should be very important to you. Here’s how using an adjustable desk can help all of these important factors of your life.

Increase flexibility/range of motion

When you stand, your body is constantly at a state of incremental motion. You do move around while you’re sitting at work, of course, but much less. By standing at your desk, your whole body becomes engaged. Standing improves your body’s ability to move and react and you don’t even have to try.

Decrease risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease

As we mentioned earlier, sitting all day significantly increases your risk of obesity. By working at a height-adjustable desk, all you need to do is push a little button raise your desk to a standing position and start burning calories instantly. Standing can help break down sugars and fats more effectively and efficiently than sitting. Fun fact: just by standing at your desk for a few hours of your day, you can lose around 8 pounds of fat every year.

Not only does using a stand up desk help decrease the risk of cancer, but people who spend even two hours or more sitting every day have an increased risk of 125% for cardiovascular disease.

Boost brain power

Standing helps keep your blood circulating more efficiently. When you sit, you fight your stagnant body. Keep your body engaged and fresh blood and oxygen will flow to your brain, bringing you a sharp and focused mind. If you need some more help staying focused at work, fidgeting also helps.

Increase lifespan

Making the simple switch from a non-adjustable desk to height-adjustable desk will help you live longer. The more you stand, the longer you live. If there is any reason to purchase a standing desk, this is the reason.

If you do invest in a standing desk, avoid making these mistakes for maintaining optimal health:

  • Standing all day
    • Causes back problems; boost risk for carotid arteries, varicose veins, and other cardiovascular problems
  • Standing still
    • Your body wasn’t designed to stand or sit statically…it needs to move.
  • Do it for the calorie burn
    • By standing, you can burn about 20% more calories than you do by sitting down, but it also tires you down quicker. You have to know the balance and decide if it’s worth the compromise to your comfort and focus.

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