Benefits of Natural Light

Workplace lighting is a big deal for employees. Those corner offices with a window aren’t just coveted for their status and views but also for the escape from the office’s dreaded fluorescent lighting. When employees have regular access to natural light, they can enjoy several benefits such as:

  • Mental and visual stimulation
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Superior quality of interior environment
  • Increased energy levels
  • Better moods   

Because lighting can affect just about every aspect of an employee’s physical and mental status, from mood to productivity, it is important to find ways to spread the natural illumination amongst the whole office so all can enjoy its benefits. Here are some different strategies businesses can use to capitalize on the benefits of natural light:

Don’t box yourself in.

Despite the fact that businesses who’ve adopted an open concept see a rise in productivity, employee engagement and collaboration; many offices still keep their team boxed in with cubicles and dividers. By redesigning an office to embrace an open concept and breaking down those cubicle walls, natural light will be able to filter its way through the office for all to benefit from.

Keep productive areas near windows.

Productive areas – such as desks, workstations, collaborative centers, meeting rooms – should be kept on the perimeter of an office space to take advantage of the windows and natural light; while non-productive areas – like the copy room, mail center, break room – should be kept more centrally located and away from the windows.

Choose the right bulb.

In an office building it’s difficult to avoid using fluorescent lighting; however, what you can control is the type of bulb you choose to use. When choosing the right bulb, it’s important to look at two different things:

  1. Color Temperature: Warm White = 3000K, Cool White = 4100K, Daylight = 6500K
  2. Color Rendering Index (CRI): Is a numerical rating system that comparisons the fluorescent light to natural sunlight. Natural sunlight has a CRI of 100.

For an office, it’s best to pick a bulb with a color temperature range of 3200K – 5000K and a CRI range between 81 – 85.

Bring the outdoors in.

Spruce up the space by adding plants and other natural elements found in the great outdoors! A study found that workers were 15% more creative when natural elements, such as water features and greenery, were brought into their workspaces. In addition to a creativity boost, office plants and water features help to improve air quality, reduce noise and help to boost productivity.

When all else falls, invest in sunlight desk lamps.

Sunlight desk lamps can be great for areas that are unavoidably dark. These desk lamps are equipped with innovative lighting technology to simulate natural sunlight. Sunlight desk lamps are known to enhance clarity, reduce eye strain and fatigue, and brighten moods.

It’s no secret that natural light is best for everyone. If your business is in need of space planning help so that you can capitalize on the natural light in your office, request a quote for a consultation!


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