Big ideas for small office spaces

Small office spaces are brimming with potential, and designing a small office can be a lot of fun.

But if your entire design plan begins and ends with a trip to a furniture store, hit the pause button.

There are a few critical things you need to consider before your small office can be transformed into a dynamic working environment.

It starts with taking a good look at your business and what you are trying to reflect to potential customers and employees. Then, it’s all about planning.

When you combine good planning with great ideas, your small office has the potential for big things.

Who are you?

Smaller businesses are regularly trying to do more with less. They need to be efficient working environments.

smallofficeFirst, consider how your office needs to function with regard to authority and decision-making.

Do you want a collaborative environment? If so, open work spaces and circular meeting tables are a good idea. This allows for the free-flow of ideas along with giving easy access to managers and bosses.

Or do most of the ideas flow from the top down? In this case, perhaps you want a little more structure with an office for the President/CEO and individual workspaces. This allows for more individual work and privacy for employees.

Perhaps a combination of both is a good idea. Some smaller offices like the idea of splitting a room in half, with desks and cubicles in one spot and couches and worktables in another.

There are pros and cons to both individual workspaces and open areas.

Individual workspaces are good for concentration and privacy, however, research on small-office environment has shown open work spaces are a great idea.

According to “Offices that Work,” a report by Cornell University’s International Workplace Studies Program, smaller offices with open environments have a leg up on the alternative. Open offices allow for more flexibility, increase communication and job satisfaction and lead to a positive environment.

Making a statementHome office

Consider what your office will say about your image.

In a small office environment, the furniture, the color scheme, the decorations get magnified.

Choosing the right meeting tables, chairs and desks is not only important for your employees but for meeting with colleagues and customers. They make a statement about you. The question is: What kind of statement do you want to make?

According to an article in, 2fORM – an architectural company in Oregon — has a conference wall made of recycled stadium bleachers to reflect their attitude toward sustainability.

In a Wall Street Journal article, Jeff Berg — the creative director at a Minneapolis advertising agency named Olsen — has a disco ball and a rocking chair in his office to reflect the company’s fun attitude.

These are a few examples to get you thinking about how you can use your office to speak for your company.

Think of what you want to say about your business as the anchor to all your design ideas.

Considering these issues as you redesign your small office is a great way to get you started toward a dynamic working environment that reflects your values, your authority and your working environment. A solid plan, a thoughtful layout and the right furniture can make your small workspace a big hit.

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