Building Your Office from the Inside Out

If you happened to be one of the lucky few business owners that get the chance to build your office  starting from scratch, do it backwards. Form follows function so it makes sense to design from the inside out.

The concept of designing from the inside out simply means that the physical architecture of the building will fully support the interior workings and flow of your office space. Your office is an extension of your culture and your brand. It should speak on your behalf to your clients before you ever make your sales pitch. Your use of color and choice of furnishings speak volumes about who you are and what kind of business you run.

To achieve this holistic design, start by establishing a relationship with an office design firm such as Innovative Office Solutions. Together, you can begin to analyze your method of working to establish how the building will be used. Architecture is about making a space pleasant as well as functional.  Determine what each room will be used for; give the space purpose, rather than making your purpose fit into the space.

Take a look at this article about Big Dutchman’s Asian Headquarters inside out build:

As read in the previous article, the operational, cultural, technical and aesthetic needs of your space will begin to form the outer architecture. Thus, creating a space designed to suit its eventual purpose. Sustainable materials and technology are chosen at the inception, rather than as forethought. Room trim, outlet location, colors and furniture all flow cohesively.

By using the services of a design firm, you have a support team of interior designers, architects, and engineers at your service to deliver cost and time effective solutions. Our team is with you from concept to completion to ensure the focus of the projects aligns with your timeframe, needs and vision. Overall project management is under one roof giving the client efficiency and effectiveness for the budget.

At Innovative Office Solutions we can help you redefine your workspace. Our mobile showroom allows us to bring the design to you. If you are interested in speaking with one of our Office Design Professionals feel free to contact us at 419-925-5433 or visit our showroom located at 8016 Industrial Drive, Maria Stein, Ohio. Our design team can also visit your office to construct the perfect workspace for your team. To book your appointment click here.


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