Color and its Impact on Interior Design

We’ve all been there … staring at the wall of paint colors or fabric swatches and second-guess your decision as soon as you’ve made your purchase. When it comes to picking the right colors for your space, keep in mind color is a visual experience. Every individual has their own reaction to specific colors. When deciding on the colors to use within your space take a moment and really think about what purpose this space will serve. What visual reaction are you trying to impart on those using the space? Here are a few points to consider when making your color choices.

Red is “the most physical color in the spectrum.” The color red has been proven to raise the heart rate and energy level. Red is often used to when looking to make a bold statement.. It is often used in restaurants to increase appetite or in logos associated with food. In residential design, a red wall might create a warm cozy feeling that makes you want to sit around the fire.

  • Fire, passion, power, love, energy, angry, sexy, lust

Orange has been known to encourage activity and stimulate conversation. People either tend to absolutely love vibrant color or hate it.

  • Excitement, tropical, noticeable, vibrant, caution + safety, fun

Yellow is directly related to the sun, and is the easiest color for the human eye to see. Different tones and shade have emotional responses. Light yellow can bring warmth and softness, whereas bright yellow might increase liveliness and encourage innovation.

  • Happiness, light, sun, playfulness

Green is the color of nature and can provoke a multitude of moods. Green is often used in environments meant to soothing and can encourage mental relaxation.

  • Nature, money, growth, prosperity, environment, luck

Blue traditionally relates to water and sky and tends to evoke serenity and calmness. Blue is often found in health care design or residential bedrooms.

  • Ocean + water, calming, soothing, clear, tranquility, sky, serenity, cold, relaxing

Violet is a combination of blue and red and emotionally is a balance of the two. Some shades uplift and others calm. Purple tones encourage creativity and is a symbol traditionally linked to royalty.

  • Flowers, power, luxury, royalty, deception, pride

Neutrals: White is a symbol of peace and is the presence of light. It has soft properties, which reflect the emotional effects of clarity and purification.

  • Pure, marriage, light, clean, angels, peaceful, innocence, good, weddings

Black can create depth in spaces and provokes strong emotions of power and authority.

  • Sleek, serious, dark, somber, sexy


When designing your space, keep in mind the tone and mood you are trying to evoke. Setting your tone will help you when the time comes to integrate color into your design concepts. If you need help setting your tone or would like to set-up a consultation, the designers at Innovative Office Solutions can bring your office to life. Give us a call today at 419-925-5433 or get a free quote.


Source: “The Psychology of Color in an Interior Space” by: Brittani Anderson

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