Creating the Perfect Office Identity

Our personal style is reflected in how we dress, the cars we drive, even the phones we carry. Our corporate identity shouldn’t be overlooked. Our business partners, clients and customers can get experience our business style first hand when working with us, but what about your office design? Is it reflective of your corporate style? Do you have “Mad Man” style but work in an office designed by the “Golden Girls?”

When running a business, first impressions often mean landing a client or watching them walk out the door. They will judge your company at a glance and before you have even had a chance to wow them with your products and services, they may have already made their decisions. Giving off the right impression is critical and while you may think your products and services should be the tipping point to signing that new client… it may not be the only factor.

Take a moment and step back. Think about how you want your corporate identity to look. There is a difference between “corporate” and “professional.” There has been a shift in office design trends and more and more you can find a casual office setting. We aren’t suggesting you replace your desk chairs with lounge chairs, but long gone are the days of various shades of non-threatening ecru. Don’t be afraid to be yourself in your office, and keep things casual. Insert some of your own tastes into design. It will help your employees and your clients get a feel for who you are and how you do business. If you are a lively group, add pops of color in the furniture or place some funky wall art or sculptures around the office. Have a laid-back style? Keep things light and airy with open spaces and calming colors.

Go Green.
Sure, making design decisions with an environmental impact are great, but literally try adding some greenery. Plants and flowers placed throughout the office will help to soften a space and add natural color.

A clean office equals a productive office. (no official study has been made, but the experts here at IOS can attest). Keeping your desk spaces, common areas and meeting rooms neat and tidy give off a great first impression with clients, and can keep you on task rather than being distracted by piles of paperwork or a floor which needs swept. Make sure you have recycling bins throughout the office to remind your employees to do their part in leaving a smaller footprint while keeping their spaces clean.

Do unto others…
Part of your corporate identity should be customer service. Make sure you are greeting your clients or guests with a smile. A friendly receptionist and welcoming reception area will keep your guests happy if they need to wait a moment for your meeting. Offer comfortable seating, a beverage area or a charging station to allow your clients and their technology a change to “recharge” before your meeting.

We are working in a business environment where we need to take every possible chance to set ourselves apart from the competition. Having a solid corporate identity is essentially the bow tie to your suit. The polish needed to enhance your image, step up your business game and leave your clients confident in their decision to partner with you.

Remember to Smile
Smiles and jokes will go a long way. Humour is one of the best tools at your disposal. Keep your workforce happy and the office will be a much more pleasant place to spend time; especially when you are faced with the challenge of convincing a client to part with their hard-earned cash.
It’s hard enough as it is to find leads, so when you manage to secure a meeting always do your utmost to get their business. Most people will make their decision straight after they step inside your building, so use these precious first minutes to showcase everything that’s good about your company.

whoweareCreating the perfect first impression is what we do at Innovative Office Solutions. Let us help you with that today. Contact us and let us help you sculpt the perfect environment for you and your team.

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