Creative design elements boost efficiency

Is your team working at its peak potential? How are the productivity levels with your employees. Creative office design elements can help boost productivity and your overall bottom line. Here are a few ways to create a space in which your employees will love to spend their time and in turn increase how efficiently they are working.

Open floor plan, yes or no?

Open floor plans may be great for collaborating, however, it may not be great for everyone. If you have employees who are easily distracted, open floor plans may be a productivity killer. Open conversations, co-workers “stopping in for a quick chat,” and other distractions can slow work and could cause delays in work completion. Before making the leap to creating an open concept workspace consider your employees personalities, work styles and preferences.

Noise pollution

Do you have a quiet workspace? According to a study for the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) 70% of office workers polled agreed that productivity would increase if the office noise would decrease. Having access to a quiet, private space can allow your employees the opportunity to think strategically and work proactively through their workload. When creating a quiet space, include sound absorbing materials, replace noisy office equipment with quieter technologies, and consider installing a white noise system to cover everyday office noise.

Get on your feet

I’m sure by now we’ve all seen the trendy treadmill desks. These aren’t necessarily for everyone, but a great option is the standing desk. These can be raised or lowered to help promote positive health and wellbeing. Since these desks are customizable, you are able to adjust your workspace to a better height while seated at your desk as well as to a standing position. According to an article from Business Insider, a study on standing vs traditional desk options they found employees have higher energy levels, more focused concentration, and improved health.

Change of scenery

Sometimes all it takes is walking into a different room to spur an idea or change a perspective. Try creating different work areas designed to spark different tones – work spaces that are energizing or calming. Each individual on your team has different work styles and where some may need a high energy work environment to be productive, others may prefer a more soothing vibe in which they can get their best work accomplished. Providing options allows you to cater to the personalities your employees bring to your company.

InnovativeOfficeSolutionsLogoCreating an environment that enhances your team’s creativity can have a dramatic effect on your company’s production and ultimately your bottom line. To learn how Innovative Office Solutions can transform your office, get a free quote today.

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