Design a Start-Up Office for Maximum Productivity

Designing your office space can be both exciting and overwhelming. You want to be sure you are creating a space which is reflective of your personal style, yet still promotes maximum productivity. As a start-up business you may be walking into a space with someone else’s stamp on it, or working with a clean slate. You’ve taken the huge step to start your business, now it’s time to make sure your office is reflective of the brand you are building.

Form vs Function?

What? You finally found a great desk with that fun retro vibe you love, is it comfortable? Will you be able to work from this desk without being cramped underneath or hunched over while working on your latest blog? You need to think about Ergonomics while selecting your office furniture. You aren’t going to be productive if your back is killing you because you’re straining to see your computer or because you are over-reaching/over-extending your body from a chair that’s too short or a desk that’s too high. When designing your office make sure the main staples of the pieces you select are working for you, rather than against! You can still select options which are reflective of your style, but give them a “test-drive” make sure they work for your space and work for you.

Cut the Clutter

Keeping the clutter off your desk is a sure fire way to increase productivity and organization. Often this is easier said than done. Make sure you are including storage options when designing your office – filing cabinets, desk storage, baskets, shelving, etc. Having everything in it’s proper place will keep you on track, and will keep you from being distracted by the piles of paper finding it’s way to the dark recesses of your desk.

Light it Up

According to this study, natural lighting is shown to increase productivity, creativity and energy levels! Skylights and floor to ceiling windows however may be hard to come by in your office space. Try to maximize what natural light you do have. Make sure desks or employee common areas have some access to windows or skylights you do have.

If natural light just isn’t in the cards, opt for indirect light, rather than bright lights shining directly on you or your employees. Indirect lighting is more soothing and calming than the former.

Color Me Motivated

Picking your color choices may not be just a simple as selecting your favorite colors. Color has long been proven to impact productivity levels while at work. Did you know blue stimulates the mind? Or yellow inspires creativity? Color saturation is also a factor. Bright colors will stimulate while softer, muted color soothe. So, ask yourself… “What’s the mood of my office?” What is the tone you are trying to set. Don’t forget about accents! If you can’t change the overall color of your office, select accessories or accent items in the color family which is influencing your style of work.

Open Plan?

An open planned work space can promote free-thinking and collaboration among co-workers. It also can be a breeding ground for interruptions. If you are offering an open floor plan for your employees be sure to add some private space for meetings, or to take a client call. Privacy dividers can break-up a space yet can be movable to allow for a collaborative team meeting.


Designing your work space should be fun. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. As a start-up business you may be pinching pennies as it is, so let the team at Innovative Office Solutions be a part of your solution. Our certified designers can help you with this process. Give us a call at 419-925-5433 or email


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