Designing a sanctuary for creativity

Most of us are anticipating working for the next 30-35 years. How many times have you thought to yourself… “I spend more time in the office than I do at home.” Why not make your home away from home, and that of your employees, a space conducive to maximizing time spent? Being thoughtful with your office design will help you create a space you actually enjoy sitting down in each day. Not only will moods improve when you flip on that light switch in the morning, it can enhance creativity and productivity for the day.

Where do you start to build a sanctuary of creativity?

Take some time to find which designs, colors, furniture pieces are appealing. Different color choices trigger different emotions, which colors get you charged up and which colors are relaxing? Bright, vibrant colors such as reds, oranges, yellows and even greens promote passion, energy, excitement, happiness and prosperity. Whereas blues, purples, and neutral tones tend to lend to a more relaxed, soothing environment.

Furniture pieces are one of the most important choices when it comes to overall office design. Marrying form and function is critical. Making sure your furniture pieces are aesthetically pleasing, yet functional and will help your team maximize its time. Plush oversized chairs may be warm and inviting, but will your employees feel like taking a nap or tackling that project list on their desks? Often minimalist designs tend to lend a hand in promoting creativity and enhancing productivity, but can also give off a sterile vibe. Blending the two will help bring out the best of your design. For example, instead of the standard “cubicle farm” break down the walls. Offer an environment where your employees can discuss ideas and work together, yet still have a personal space which may be divided by a desk and open shelving (also serving as functional storage). Inserting “strategy areas” into common spaces you can build a creative “think tank” space with fun seating options, interesting furniture choices and decor.

Enhancing your technology should be included in your overall design concepts. If you create a “think tank” creative space for your employees make sure you are offering electronic charging stations or a wifi booster so they can bring their equipment with them to strategize. Removing the tether, breaking free from the confines of your desk sometimes is all that’s needed to “recharge” energy levels.

Decor for creative spaces should be lighthearted. When pulling in color this is a great way to make an impact without committing to red office walls. Artwork, storage options (bins, containers or cabinets), plants and other decorative elements can insert personality into a space without being abrasive or over the top.

Again taking a thoughtful approach to design can have you and your team at peak performance and in a space that is beautifully and creatively designed.

When it’s time to design your perfect home away from home, be sure to remember the designers at Innovative Office Solutions. Our designers have the experience, skills and talents to deliver exactly what you’d like to see in your ideal workplace. Give us a call today at 419-925-5433 or get a free quote.

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