Designing Workspaces for Introverts in a Extrovert World

When designing a workspace it truly is difficult to make everyone happy within your office or workplace. Everyone has different tastes, personalities and working styles. You won’t be able to use everyone’s suggestions, but you can make accommodations which will best suite all your employees and enable them to work at their highest potential.

What happens when your workforce is a blend of introverts and extroverts? How do you accommodate for employees who like collaborative work environments and their counterparts who prefer to sit quietly and knock out their to-do list? Here are a few design ideas which might help balance the workplace and provide a comfortable space for all your employees.

  • If you have “taken down the walls” and now have an open work environment, consider creating “Quiet Rooms.” These spaces shouldn’t actually be assigned to any one employee. When a member of your team needs some alone-time to check off the day’s to-do list, they can access this space and quietly work.

  • Do you have a call center environment? In many workplaces a break room is your employee’s “getaway” when it’s time for their break. Try offering an alternative to the noisy break room/lunchroom. A “Studio” room might be a great solution. Provide a sofa or lounge chairs with soft lighting and soothing decor. The idea behind this space isn’t for your staff to nap on the job, but a chance to decompress a bit before heading back out to a noisy environment. You could even put a treadmill in this space to encourage your employees to talk a walk on their break – keeping their blood flowing and promoting wellness among your team.

  • Cubical walls have come a long way from the 1990s and now are a way to add some flare and personality to a workspace. Encourage your employees to add a few items to their workspace to make it feel more inviting and comfortable. However, stay away from anything scented or noisy. Some members of your team may be sensitive to different smells and radios or sound machines could be distracting to your other employees.

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