Embracing a non-traditional office

Non-traditional working environments are becoming more accepted among offices and employers. Technology has made connecting with others, as well as accessing your everyday files and tools, seamless. Which has opened the virtual door to creating innovative, working environments.

Employers are creating a working environment with open office spaces to develop a collaborative workspace. They are also opening up casual working areas, like “coffee bars” and indoor/outdoor lounge areas. Providing an area where your employees can meet, enjoy some of the “creature comforts” of home while still getting their work done, you are creating a work environment your team will want to be in.

Businesses today are more challenging, and more mobile. Embracing the idea of working in a “coffee shop” or a lounge area blends the need for keeping employees within your “walls” but still allows them to work in a relaxed environment. Creating an environment where an employee can recharge and re-energize, while still being productive is key for those employees who may work longer hours and can help fight burnout.

Comfortable seating, interesting decor and ample workspaces in these areas are key, however if your functionality isn’t up to speed it’s useless. Updating technology to ensure wireless access while working in an outdoor courtyard or providing access to all software/files/tools when unplugged from their desktop is a must. Making your office “virtual” allows your team to be efficient and accessible while on the move.

It is important for your team to be engaged at work and offering innovative solutions to your clients and your business. Providing alternative work spaces and environments can help spark that creativity, and provide spaces to break away from the “everyday” routine. Corporate culture is becoming more relevant to job seekers and to employees and environment plays a big role.

If it’s time to create a new office and workspace for your team, let us help you with that today. Contact us and let us help you sculpt the perfect environment for you and your team.


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