Enhance Workplace Productivity

It is inevitable when you run a business that you will encounter factors that will dampen productivity and employee motivation. This is not something you can ignore, but there are steps you can take to mitigate these issues. You need to identify the factors and make a conscious effort to prevent them from emerging and taking hold by taking a proactive stance to handle them. Here are some tips to enhance workplace productivity:

Remove Motivation Killers

A good manager will observe the work environment and see the problem areas that affect motivation. Typically these include:

  • Abrasive Personalities
  • Toxic People
  • Lack of organizational vision
  • Absence of opportunities for development
  • Poor communication systems
  • Autocratic management styles
  • Feeling a lack of appreciation

Handling each of these areas requires several different approaches and ingenuity to deal with motivation-killers.

Motivate Through Games

Motivation is a huge factor to keep up productivity. Employees who are not motivated get bored easily, especially when dealing with a monotonous work routine. Additionally, they may not have the enthusiasm needed to tackle and complete more challenging tasks. Enter gamification of the work day. Everyday tasks like completing reports, contributing ideas for policy changes and projects to make them more appealing, interesting and exciting.

  • Use badges, rewards, leaderboards, rankings or points
  • Challenges and competitions against peers
  • Make quantifiable, repetitive tasks more engaging
  • Add a “play” dimension to various aspects of business operations such as sales and customer service

Effective and Efficient Communication

The most crucial aspect of business operations is communication, and without effective communication there will be a difficulty in achieving goals and the ability of the organization functioning properly. This does not mean simply using a phone or written and verbal communication to exchange information, it is about using systems that work best for the needs of your business or company.

  • Providing the right tools and software to operate cohesively and collaboratively  
  • Employees know who to reach out to with concerns

Have Clear Goals and Provide Feedback

Personnel will be motivated if they are challenged to achieve. Having clear goals and a company vision will keep everyone on board.

  • Short term goals are effective in keeping everyone up to speed and meet targets
  • Feedback is important and shows employees they are heard
  • Accomplishments need to be acknowledged
  • Errors or failure to meet goals should be addressed

Provide skills development and establish clear standards

Employees should know what the company expects from them. Without clear expectations, people sometimes find reasons why they fail to achieve goals.

  • Define goals for everyone
  • Address the aspirations of employees
  • Provide opportunities to develop skills and advancing
  • Expect employees to seek challenges
  • Encourage professional development and motivation for improvement

Use Technology Responsibly

Many technologies can significantly increase productivity and refuse to allow it in the workplace can be a mistake.

  • It’s important to study and use software and hardware to improve productivity
  • Collaborative applications are very effective to make employees more productive
  • Employees perform better if they work in comfortable conditions
  • Travel can be too time-consuming and expensive
  • Increased mobility breaks down productivity barriers
  • Work-life balance should be respected

Productivity in the workplace is not always easy to accomplish and maintain but there are some simple concepts to key in on employee motivation, proactive involvement from managers, and using technology and systems that help employees work comfortably and more efficiently. Keep in mind to execute plans with these concepts in mind you are on the right path.


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