Enhancing your Patient’s Experience: Designing a Fabulous Healthcare Facility

In an increasingly competitive industry, what is setting your healthcare facility or hospital apart from the rest of the competition. Patient experience is becoming more and more important. Let’s face it, no one likes to stay in the hospital. Patients are often anxious, nervous or scared about their health issues or those visiting are worried for their loved one. Creating comfortable, warm, inviting spaces can help ease those anxieties and help comfort your patients and their families.


Lobby and registration.

Every point of contact is an opportunity to enhance the experience. Creating an inviting and clutter-free reception area will help create an opportunity for your front-line staff keep organized and streamline your patient’s check-in process. Utilizing multimedia technology in the waiting areas give you the opportunity market your hospital or practice’s services, introduce your staff and physicians prior to the patient’s appointment and educate viewers on the latest cutting-edge technologies you are utilizing. Maximize your space with seating arrangements and be thoughtful with your choices for color and decor.


Patient rooms and family waiting areas.

The same thoughtful consideration should be implemented in patient rooms as well as family waiting areas. Your patient care rooms need to be a sterile environment, however they can still be warm and inviting. Physicians offices can still be easy to maintain, but through the integration of color and furniture piece you can make the experience comfortable. Technology upgrades in patient care rooms can help enhance patient care by putting patient records right at the fingertips of your physicians, nurses and other members of your patient care team.


Create an atmosphere for those patients staying overnight within your hospital or health care center similar to what they may find at home or in a hotel, to help ease anxieties and create a calming, soothing environment. The latest in hospital beds, seating which doubles as extra sleeping space for loved ones, furniture pieces and enhanced multimedia technology can all serve dual purposes. Aesthetically they should be inviting, they should be comfortable and easy to use, however they will also serve specific purposes during the health care process. For example the flat screen on the wall can be wired for internet usage by the patient, but also can be utilized to access patient records once the physician enters their login credentialing. Furniture pieces can serve as storage for extended patient stays, but can also be utilized by the nursing staff or physicians for storing extra supplies, or an additional work space.


Often families are asked to leave the patient rooms while physicians or other members of the patient care team are performing exams or taking the patient to their treatment. Creating a family waiting room complete with comfortable furniture, access to charging stations to give their phones, tablets or iPads a recharge, access to a refrigerator with complimentary  beverages or a small kitchenette to warm-up a quick meal without having to leave the side of their loved one will make a huge impression on your patient’s family.


officeCreating a positive environment conducive to enhancing your patient outcomes will help you with your overall patient experience efforts. To learn how Innovative Office Solutions can transform your reception areas, physician’s offices or patient rooms with the latest in healthcare furnishings and technology, get a free quote today.


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