Finding the perfect office for your employees

Most growing companies find a need to transform their workspace at some point. When yours does, it is a golden opportunity in so many ways.

This is your chance to create a space that will reflect your image and your culture. This decision is also going to help you recruit new talent, retain the talent you have and go a long way toward making your team happy and productive.

… If you do it right.

If it seems like those goals are a lot to digest, they are. However, there’s one sure way to create a warm, fun environment your employees will adore: Let them help.

Start by asking your team questions. Find out when they work best, how they work best and what types of workspaces they’ll like. Do they want open spaces? More privacy? A balance? Would they like sit-stand workspaces, open offices with lower walls, standard desks or fit chairs?


You’ll probably find out that they’re very in-tuned to the daily operations and how the team chemistry can work better in a new and tailored environment.

It’s becoming increasingly more important that teams brainstorm and inspire each other to innovate and create. Having a variety of meeting spaces is critical to creating open collaboration within an organization. These meeting spaces range from a two-person lounge area, to a four-to-six person mingle table to a formal conference room. All of these meeting areas serve an important purpose in the sharing of ideas among team members.

Mingle dual screen collaborative learning center.

Mingle dual screen collaborative learning center.

Obviously, all of these decisions and planning should be based on an affordable budget. Make sure those parameters are clear, and your staff is going to understand that. The fact that you’ve asked for their help is a great way to let them put their own fingerprints on a workspace they’re going to be living in for eight or more hours a day.

Allowing your team to help in building your office is going to go a long way toward helping them feel invested in your company. And, gathering ideas from like-minded individuals will help you with future hires and clients as you show the world your image, your culture and your attitude toward a team effort.

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