Four reasons to consider sit-stand workstations

This is a pretty disturbing fact so you might want to sit down. On second thought, you should stand.

Studies show the more you sit, the shorter your lifespan will probably be.

That’s a pretty scary fact, considering most of us spend 77 percent of our office day sitting at a desk. That doesn’t even take into account sitting on a couch at night, at the dinner table and lying down in bed to sleep.

But before you quit your day job and find some super-active line of work, there is an option for your office life: Sit-stand workstations.

Many in the medical and fitness communities recommend sit-stand workstations because they have found health benefits, higher creativity and increased energy levels in the workplace as a result of these workspaces for employees.

workstations1.      Health benefits

The American Medical Association, the American Cancer Society and other medical groups have all found that sitting for long hours at a time can lead to heart disease, cancer, obesity and a whole host of back, leg and neck problems.

On top of that, research shows an hour of working out doesn’t do much to offset the many hours you spend sitting down.

Spending most of the day on your feet, studies show, decreases these risk factors and have other benefits. For instance, according to Men’s Fitness magazine, you can burn about 350 calories by standing through an eight-hour workday. That works out to 1,700 calories a week, which could lead to losing 29 pounds during a year. Standing also forces you to work your core more than if you’re bent over a desk all day.

For the article in Men’s Fitness, a group testing the sit-stand workspaces found they had more energy and stamina for working out later in the day in contrast to after a day of sitting, when they fell “sapped” during a workout.

Back pain 2.      Give your back a rest

One of the top health risks in an office environment is back and neck pain.

In the Men’s Fitness review, test subjects found that neck aches and back pain disappeared after just one week of standing at work.

Also, a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2011 found that when workers used sit-stand workstations, moods actually improved.

3.      Get those creative juices going

While the health benefits are pretty clear, the question comes up: Does it help with your actual work? I mean, you are trying to earn a living here.

Many sources say they actually feel more productive throughout the day. There’s something about standing and moving around while talking, typing and thinking that gets the brain firing.

Consider this from the aforementioned Men’s Fitness review:

We noticed that we started to get those emails typed up a bit faster after transitioning from sitting to standing. Plus, standing gave us a higher-up perspective that made brainstorming ideas feel somehow easier. Think about it: Standing is a position of power, so it felt easier to clearly convey our thoughts.”

4.      Versatility

The majority of this article has been dedicated to the “stand” aspect of a sit-stand workspace. But it is a versatile piece of office furniture that can easily be lowered to a sitting position if you don’t or can’t spend your whole day standing up.

Plus, there’s a lot storage room with a side wardrobe and drawers to put things away.

IOS-logo1Whether you’re trying to improve your health, your energy levels or your creativity, these sit-stand workstations have a ton of benefits. We think they’re pretty cool and we love to recommend them.

For more information, check out some of another blog that discusses how office furniture can help keep you healthy, Ergonomics: Designing healthy work environments for your employees.

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