How to Decorate and Brand Your Workspace


Believe it or not, how you design your office strongly influences how others interpret your brand. More importantly, it has a huge influence on how well your workers perform. Everything from the color, lighting, and scents can either make the office a place people love or can’t wait to get away from.

Here are some tips that will help you create a workspace everyone loves.

Make a space to collaborate:

Have a space readily available where your employees can go for easy team collaboration. Use open spaces with bench seating or couches and even consider whiteboards for brainstorming. Make sure you have all the available technological hookups and drop-ins so your team isn’t fumbling around with iPads or laptops but can easily sit down and start working.


You spend time and money to ensure your marketing, communications, and web presence is consistent, so why wouldn’t you want your office to be consistent with your brand as well? The colors, the furniture, the style, the style of dress and everything in between should all tie back to an image you envision for your company.


When bringing color into your workspace, be careful using dark colors with high contrast. You don’t want the room to seem too busy. If you are looking to create a serene and open environment for employees, try light blues and greens. Lighter colors will also give the workspace a little more of an intimate feel.

Here’s a thought: Try some area rugs. Area rugs can help define a space and the sense of intimacy actually has been shown to promote the sharing of ideas.

Allow employees to create their own workspaces:

Giving your employees the opportunity to create their own workspace gives them the freedom to be themselves. When they feel more comfortable in the space they work in, they will more than likely be more creative and productive.

If you feel certain guidelines should be followed, that’s fine. But give them some leeway to color outside the lines and see what happens.

Your employees spend endless hours in these spaces, why not allow them to feel at home away from home.

Remember, your office is a representation and an extension of your culture and brand. Your office will be the place your employees will spend a good majority of their time, so make sure to make it a place that everyone likes by taking everybody’s ideas into consideration.

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