Interior design tips for Government Offices

Modern city meeting roomLong lines, stuffy waiting areas, outdated decor… you’ve just been teleported into the 1980s, but you thought you were just stopping in to pay a utility bill. Governmental offices typically aren’t the first ones to jump on board with an update to their interior design. Typically officials are using those monies toward balancing city, county, or state fiduciary budgets. However… a little can go a long way when it comes to enhancing the environment of your offices. When it comes down to it, making updates to the interior design of your offices can help enhance productivity of your employees, perception from those you serve or interact with day-to-day and can give the polish needed to create an impressive work environment.

To help alleviate disruptions, it is best to do make any enhancements during your downtime, the holiday season is traditionally best, as offices are generally closed. Redesigning facilities doesn’t have to be budget-busting. Improving the quality of employee workspace can actually help cut down on facility operational costs. Here are a couple easy updates you can make that will have the biggest impact.
Update desks so they are ergonomical and provide plenty of storage space.
When purchasing desks make sure they have accommodations for technology upgrades (ability to hide cords, enough workspace to comfortably use a computer, phone, etc.).
When considering seating, make sure you are thinking of your employee’s work day. Not just what may be aesthetically appealing. Can the chair easily adjust, is it adaptable to their work environment. Also, be considerate if there is a customer waiting area, is there enough seating to accommodate a busy afternoon, or do you have wireless internet available if there is a long wait?
High quality lighting will make a workspace comfortable and will help reduce glare if your employees are consistently viewing a computer monitor or laptop.
A fresh coat of paint and a few wall decorations can go a long way. When choosing your paint color stay away from obtrusive or overly bright colors. (link to color blog)
Is there a break room or common area for employees? Providing comfortable seating and a table and chairs to eat lunch or to take a short break away from their desks or workspace can provide a short respite from the day-to-day routine.
Upgrade technology – if your computers are still in great shape, update your operating systems, or give your wireless a boost so your customer service representatives can help customers quickly and efficiently.

Most governmental offices have constituents visiting, or consumers, or the general public coming in daily. It is important you convey a sense of professionalism yet still be approachable. Thoughtful design concepts can do just that.

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