Make a great impression with your reception area

What is the value of a first impression? Truthfully that lies in the value of that customer walking through your front door. How are you greeting them? The adage you never get a second change to make a first impression can be applied to the aesthetic of your office. Your reception area is first thing your clients, prospective customers and visitors will see. Is it reflective of the amazing business you do or the outstanding services you provide?

It may be time for a refresh. Walk into your office from your guest’s perspective. What do you see, how do you walk through your entry. Your reception area should be comfortable, practical and impressive.

It should also be reflective of your company culture and impart your values. If done correctly, you can leave your visitors with a lasting impression they will take with them and carry on to others.

Ready for that refresher… Where to start?

First things first. You need to define what exactly you are trying to express about your business in this space. Is your corporate culture cool & laid back? Do you have a traditional style or edgy and modern?

Defining your style preferences will help you set the tone for the design of your space.

Now that you have an understanding of your style preferences, its time to select your furniture pieces.

Again adhering to your design concepts, use that as a starting point, because it honestly can get overwhelming with the vast amount of options. Selecting furniture which is inviting and comfortable yet still reflective of your corporate culture will speak volumes. Remember, your visitors may briefly be passing through your reception area, but this is an area could serve as a space for people to congregate after meetings, or could actually serve as an informal meeting space. Choosing your furniture options should thoughtful – you may have a modern style, but make sure your seating options are still comfortable. Are you more of a minimalist? Be sure you still add side tables for marketing materials or a guest to set their coffee cup. Keep your clients and visitors in mind and how this space is going to be used when making your selections.

The reception desk is often the centerpiece to your lobby area. However the reception desk poses a tricky dilemma… it needs to look aesthetically pleasing yet it still needs to serve as a workspace. Look

for options with storage solutions and technology hook-ups, which can easily be disguised. Keeping your workspace neat and tidy will contribute to that overall first impression.

Technology versatility is crucial.

People work on-the-go. Tablets and smartphones are allowing business to happen anywhere. Why not offer a small charging station and ports and plug-ins to allow your visitors to connect.

How is your reception area lit?

Natural lighting or artificial? Your office space may not offer an option, however making use of natural and artificial lighting (link to blog) and the color scheme (link to blog) will create an upbeat, welcoming environment.

Keeping it Clean

Storage options are important to keeping your reception area clear and clutter-free. Storage options are limitless, keep your overall design concept in mind when picking out your options.

Add Some Sparkle

Ok, not literally. Décor finishes off the overall look and feel for your space. Prominently display your logo along with art pieces. Adding plants will warm up a space (as long as you can keep them alive, my green thumb isn’t so green). Make sure your décor choices stick within the overall look and feel your style warrants.


Creating a strong first impression with the perfect reception area for the clients, guests and visitors is going to give your company a leg up on the competition. While these tips are a great starting point, you don’t have to go it alone. At Innovative Office Solutions, our designers have the experience, the certifications and the eye for detail to help your company create the perfect first (and lasting) impression. Get a free quote today (link) and let us help you build your new reception area from the first ideas to the finishing touches.

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