Noisy or quiet? Make your office the perfect environment

“Can you hear me now?” Yes, we entirely meant for this to be “pun-ny.” Everyone has their preferences when it comes to noise in the office. Some need absolute quiet… others need to have their “Beats” on while rocking out to their playlist. However, regardless of preference, there needs to be courtesy when it comes to shared work spaces. Noisy offices spaces can create distractions and disruptions to others who may be on a call, or working on their latest blog.

What to consider?
Well, there are a couple things to consider when designing a work space, whether you are starting from scratch or making some design modifications. What is your space primarily used for? Does your business require your employees to be making customer service calls and to be on the phone for the majority of their work day? Is your team collaborative and do they need to be working together to generate ideas or brainstorm the next great on-line advertising hook? Your office’s designated function needs to be taking into consideration when creating making your design plans.

For that customer service based call center, cubicles with fabric lined walls will help soften sound. Maybe consider installing a white noise machine to help quiet the noise as well. If your employees are trying to provide the best customer service to a client over the phone, others on calls can hurt productivity and can be distracting for your employee as well as the client on the other end of the line.

If your office happens to be open concept, you don’t have to throw noise controls out the window. Again, incorporate that white noise into your space, lay noise deadening carpet, or add fabric panels as dividers for your space. These are easy ways to visually keep your office design on point and still keep the noise levels down. Adding in large plants, wall hangings and plush furniture pieces can also help absorb some of sound coming from the creative team down the hall.

Here’s a quick tip… Should you be lucky enough to be building new or renovating a space, don’t forget to insulate your interior walls. The extra insulation will help keep your office neighbor from hearing every conversation, copy being made or click of your stapler.

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