Office design tips to promote creativity

Inspiration is slippery. It’s tough to nail down and difficult to keep a grip on.

But when you have it, the feeling is euphoric. And it’s a priceless tool in setting your company apart from the crowd. It’s what makes you dynamic, groundbreaking and successful.

So why shouldn’t your office reflect that? Afterall, it’s where your workers spend most of their time creating, brainstorming and exploring.

Designing an office to promote creativity is a wonderful way to help your workers reach a zone of inspiration on a daily basis.

But where do you start?

Hand open the jalousie1)      Let the sun shine in

It’s staggering to think how much time American workers spend inside the office. And many times in an office setting, that time is spent at work stations away from natural light. This can have a pretty negative impact on mood and productivity.

Also, studies show natural light helps fight fatigue and headaches.

One way to accomplish better natural lighting throughout your workplace is by removing interior walls. Using glass walls for offices and opening up the interior overall allows natural light to flow in.

This also leads to another great way to promote creativity in your office by opening up the place. For too long, offices have been cramped up places where workers stuff themselves into tiny cubicles and grind away for eight-plus hours.

But now with so many employees armed with laptops and mobile devices, who needs one set spot to work? Get rid of the cubicle islands and replace them with benches, tables and long desks. Breakout spaces allow individual freedom and make it easier for groups to collaborate.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have spots for personal space. An office trying to promote creativity should aim for an equal mix of open spaces and areas where people can get away and concentrate.

place for rest2)      Liven up the place

Green is good. Nobody wants to work in a grey, drab office that feels like a factory. Keep the place vibrant with plants, keep the paint scheme alive with eye-catching colors and keep the walls full of pictures and artwork.

We’re not talking original Rembrandts lining the walls, just put some thought into it.

How about award-winning projects or ongoing projects? This can also be a big help in planning, brainstorming and helping everyone stay focused on a task.

While we’re making the place prettier, why not make it louder? A quiet office often means less anonymity. Seriously, if you can hear everyone’s stomach growling before lunch there might be a problem.

Whether it be music or televisions set to appropriate channels, noise creates a buzz in your workplace and allows individuals to let the background noise give them privacy.

fitchairs3)      Comfort is king

A creative environment starts and ends with comfort. Try sitting on a rock-hard chair for eight hours. After about two, you’re ready to head home.

There is never a good reason to go cheap on office furniture. Your employees are spending so much of their lives in your chairs and at your desks that you shouldn’t punish them with something uncomfortable.

A good office designer can help you pick out furniture that will take into consideration comfort and ergonomics. From the open spots that feature desks or couches, to the individual spaces with great chairs, a good furniture selection is going to allow your employees to handle the long haul work week.


For more on how to promote creativity with your office design, take a look at another of our blogs: The ‘Lean’ Office for more thoughts on the subject.

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