Office Recycling Tips – How to Recycle at the Office

An office’s atmosphere is fast-paced and centered on getting tasks accomplished. Sometimes environmental impact is the last thing on the list for a company to think about.

In the workplace, lots of material and energy is used to make the company operate.  Waste is generated from day to day, and can amount to large quantities based on the size of the company. In New Zealand, over 50% of the waste in landfills is generated from businesses.

What can a company do? How can a business still thrive while thinking about its environmental impact?

Each individual person that works for a company can be a “step” in the right direction, making a company’s environmental footprint less noticeable.

We’ve compiled a list of ways that each individual can take “steps” towards recycling in the office.


Office Recycling Tip 1: It Begins With You

If every individual in the office would recycle, that would be a dream come true. People need to see just how easy recycling is; it needs modeled to them.  One person can start a snowball affect, and before you know it the whole office has recycling on their mind.

Office Recycling Tip 2: Know What You Can Recycle

Paper and aluminum cans are usually the first two things that come to mind when recycling is mentioned. Knowing what your company uses the most of, and knowing if it can be recycled is the next step.

Paper is a given in most offices, but things like old company cell phones, toner cartridges, and old computers can also be recycled.

Office Recycling Tip 3: Reduce and Reuse

Look around the office for things that could be used less or things that could be reused. Here are some ways to reduce and reuse in the office:

–       Use old envelopes to send in office letters

–       Reuse paper cups (Write your name on one)

–       Print double sided instead of just one side

–       Switch off lights

–       Make sure faucets are turned all the way off

Did you know this week is earth week? How is your company participating in being sustainable? Recycling at the office can be turned into a natural habit, but it begins with individuals before the whole office catches on. We partner with manufacturers who care about the environment, so we can offer you not only the best design, but the smartest design. If you know local companies that help recycle, reuse cardboard, collect old ink cartridges and cell phones leave a comment below or share it on our social media pages: FacebookLinkedinTwitterPinterest, and Google+.



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