Office Spring Cleaning Tips

Innovative Office Solutions IOS Office Desk WorkspaceSpring cleaning isn’t just for stay-at-home moms; it’s for corporate offices as well. Now that the long, dreary days of winter are over and days are brighter and more enjoyable, we’ve compiled a short list of things to help you tidy up your office and make it brighter and more enjoyable too.

Keep commonly-used things close by:

Commonly-used items should be kept close to you so you can easily access them.  Are you always using the stapler? Then keep it handy.  Never use the hole punch? Put it up on the shelf.

Create folders on the desktop of your computer:

Is your desktop home screen littered with files, photos, and documents? Get into the practice of creating and using files for certain clients/customers, then make folders within folders for specific projects or assignments.

Don’t be afraid of paper:

This may sound contradictory to our last tip, but sometimes you just need to have physical folders for your paperwork. Have a filing system that is stylish and functional will help you keep your papers in order and easy to find.

Ask for help:

If your office needs more attention than you can handle, ask someone for help or get a professional to help. Realizing that your office needs organizational help will put you down the right path to an organized office. And an organized office is… an enjoyable place to work!

With all of the hustle and bustle of your workdays, it’s easy to let your office get disorganized. Let us help you with your spring cleaning! Contact one of our Office Design Professionals by phone at 419-925-5433, or visit our showroom located at 8016 Industrial Drive, Maria Stein, Ohio. Our design team would enjoy visiting your office to personally construct the perfect workspace for your team. To book your appointment click here.

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