Operation Organization: Tips to Getting Organized

When it comes to organization some are, simply put, better at it than others. However, working in a disorganized environment has been shown to affect a person subconsciously; creating distractions, lowering productivity and focus. In fact, it’s been found that the average office employee spends 1.5 hours a day (6 weeks per year) looking for things (organizedworld.com). It’s also been found that 73% of Americans think people are most productive when their work spaces are clean (adecco.com).

If you’re ready to start operation organization, here are a few tips to get things started:


The first step to any organization operation is to declutter. Create 3 separate piles — toss, store, and to do — to start the decluttering process. When sorting through materials, be honest with yourself as to whether you truly need to save something. For example, if you have your powerpoint presentation saved on your computer, there is no reason to keep a hard copy. Cutting out all the non-essential items and moving others to storage or in a file, will help to eliminate distractions and make your workplace more functional and productive.

Create a Filing System

Establishing a filing system, both paper and electronic will be a major time saver in the long run. Start by categorizing your documents (this will be the main folder) and then separate each individual category into subcategories (these will be smaller folders within the main folder). Make things super easy by color coding and naming everything appropriately. Finally, a major key to any successful filing system is staying up-to-date on putting everything where it needs to be. If you let things pile up, then you’re back at square one.

Everything in Reach

Take stock of everything you use on a daily basis and organize your essentials and most commonly used items so that they are within arms reach. This will help to maximize your efficiency and productivity.

Don’t Multitask

You may think you’re amazing at multitasking, but truth be told, studies have shown that multitasking reduces productivity by 40%! When you are attempting to work on several tasks at the same time, your attention isn’t necessary dedicated and will usually end up taking more time to complete. However, if you would focus your attention on 1 thing at a time, your focus and dedication is much clearer and your time will be optimized.

Check Yourself

Keep tabs on yourself and your organizational progress by scheduling a quarterly reminder. If you haven’t done so well, use this time to catch up on filing, cleaning, and organizing.

If you start operation organization and find that you’re in need of organizational solutions, reach out to the experts at IOS and request a free quote!

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