Rules to live by: How to select your office furniture

Purchasing new office furniture has some pretty fantastic benefits for your business. It sets the culture of your business for both clients & employees, it’s an investment in ergonomic health, it can be a source of company pride and it can even be tax deductible.

But once you’ve made the decision to get new furniture, it’s certainly not one you just want to jump into during a trip to a store one weekend. It takes planning and some key considerations with regard to the look, the comfort and the future of your business.

Take a look at our simple rules for selecting office furniture and you’re virtually guaranteed to get the perfect pieces for your team.


Rule 1: Plan

This is a big investment, so make sure you develop a solid game plan. Think about the nature of your office: Does it require formality or quick meeting spots? What are the basic requirements? And how much furniture will you need? Would hoteling areas be a good idea? How about adjustable desk heights, open areas or formal meeting spots?

Simply by observing your employees during a given day and considering the type of culture you have, you can really begin to gauge everyone’s needs before moving forward.


Rule 2: Consider your space

Seems pretty simple, but don’t overlook this step. Calculate your space and where exactly you’ll be setting up each piece of furniture so you gain the right perspective on what you need and want.


Rule 3: Make it comfortable

Part of your planning should be considering how this furniture is going to help each employee be productive. If you’re employees are sitting and working for eight to 10 hours a day, ergonomically designed chairs and workspaces are an absolute must. Maybe even consider sit-stand workspaces to burn some extra calories and get your employees up and moving.

Give thought and consideration to your employees’ workstations and it will pay off greatly in their production, creativity and overall health.


Rule 4: Get techie

An office simply can’t be productive without taking this into account anymore. Whether you need drop-in stations, workspaces more conducive to laptops and iPads or simply conference tables with the necessary adapters, make sure your office is equipped with what your employees and customers are going to need. It makes things easier and leaves a positive impression.


Rule 5: Reflect who you are

The look and feel of your furniture needs to reflect who you are, the culture of your company. Is it hip and trendy or classic and professional? As you come up with your plan, consider the image you want to portray and allow your designer to give you options that fit your needs.


Rule 6: It’s not all about money

More expensive furniture might turn you off when you start to add up the final bill, but that could be a shortsighted view. Inexpensive furniture often needs replaced or repaired quicker. It also tends to be less ergonomically inclined, which can cause problems for your employees and lead to healthcare costs.


Rule 7: Look to the future

What looks and feels great now might not be perfect for your future environment. Make sure you take into account if the furniture will work with upcoming technology; buying furniture that incorporates flexibility for growth and change is the long term approach to take.

Colors and designs can become outdated so work with your designer to find the right pieces that won’t go out of style quickly.


Innovative Office Solutions has an experienced and talented design team that can not only help you plan the perfect feel and style of your new office furniture but give you expert advice on picking pieces that will grow and adapt over time. Call us today at 1-800-253-3005 or email us at or get a free quote and let us get to work on your new office.

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