Spring cleaning: Get rid of the clutter for a productive workspace

Spring is finally here, so it’s time to dust off those winter cobwebs and declutter! Doing a little spring cleaning in the office not only will help you clear your mind (and your desk) but it’s a great way to enhance productivity. A well-organized, clutter-free workspace shows you take pride in your work as well as your workplace.

Here are a few tips to keep your office organized and still keep your sanity.

  • Make sure everything has it’s place. Set-up your desk or office so it enhances your work rather than limiting it. Create a filing system which is easily accessible and possibly add file organizers to make your space more functional.
  • Baskets, file folders or stackable letter trays are great for organizing and prioritizing new projects, requests, or paperwork. Rather than shuffling through stacks of papers looking for a specific item, you know if it’s been completed it’s in one file, if it’s pending it’s in another. This alone can save time and your sanity!!
  • Cut the clutter. A family picture or plant is a nice way to personalize your workspace, but knick knacks, little figurines or other items can make your space look messy and could appear unprofessional.
  • Cords. Ahhh cords. They are ugly, a trip hazard, and unless you are running a completely wireless office or aren’t using technology, you have cords running through your office. Position your office furniture so you aren’t running power cords across the room. Many desks have access to outlets so you can run cords through the desk themselves, some can actually serve as an outlet. If you are limited on space and new furniture isn’t an option, a quick office “hack” binder clips can clump your cords together keeping them organized and office floor mats can keep cords from becoming a trip hazard.
  • Limit the amount of paper you generate. Most everything can be done digitally these days and flash drives, cloud storage and shared services can eliminate a lot of unnecessary paper. Which clears up your desk and can save a tree or two.
  • Make sure your office gets a proper cleaning on a regular basis. Try not to eat at your desk and empty your trash before you leave for the day. Keeping your office clean and sanitized will keep odors at bay and bugs or insects from making your office their home. Keeping the office clean will also keep germs away and help to keep you and your co-workers/employees healthy.

If your office is in need of more than spring cleaning and decluttering, we can help with that also. Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to create that beautiful new office for your team. Let us help you today, just sign up for a free quote and we’ll get the ball rolling!

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