Starting from Scratch: Space Planning Your Office

If you are considering a relocation or refurbishing of your current office or even opening a new office in a new city, the design you choose is key to many areas of your business. Design plays a key role in the way you communicate your brand, attract and retain employees and enables those employees to work smarter rather than harder.

Organizations that do not consider their new workplace design, find themselves disappointed with their new place of business. The most important way to prevent this is to begin the entire design phase and scope of the project at the same time when you are searching for property and negotiating the lease.

How to avoid office design disappointment

Often commercial property is chosen for location, availability, and price while performance is not as important. But many growing businesses express the wish to attract the best people and want to design innovative work settings that produce a productive culture.

Typically the property is selected prior to the design process. This usually ends with a design that is fit into the chosen property which puts consideration for employee work-styles, engagement, collaboration and innovation on the back burner when it is one of the main keys to growth.

An alternative way to go about a property search would be to design a master plan for office design and find the space that will fit just as importantly with the cost, location, and availability.

Get the Best Design for Your Business

To make sure that you get the workplace that matches your organization and meets the goals you have, the key members must come together to effectively plan and create a strategy for your office design:


  • Analysis

Likely the most important phase is to articulate the business factors that you want to leverage in a workplace design. The result will be a very clear plan for the project team to stick to with a clear understanding of cost, time and quality metrics for the project.


  • Space Planning


This involves applying techniques to develop a plan of how the office space will be best used for the desired results. This is applied when evaluating and scoring property options to make an informed selection.


  • Design


The process moves through the design and development phases to the process of adhering to time, cost and performance criteria that was established in the plan.


  • Materials and Equipment Selection


Select finishes according to budget, branding, texture, color and culture of the office in order to create a workplace to match your business brand.
It is important to have the end in mind from the beginning and understand the feel, look, and culture that you want to incorporate into your business. Research how other businesses have enhanced collaboration efforts and made an environment conducive to employees working together, enjoying where they work and feel appreciated. In that environment, employees will shine and in return your business will grow and soon you will be planning a new space to house a growing and productive organization.

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