Tell Your Story with an Authentic Office Design

The ideal workplace design is one that has the unique ability to tell your story in a way that connects with both customers and employees on an emotional level. A big part of that ideal design includes a focus on being authentic.

Start by making sure you have a clear understanding of your organization’s background, values, mission, and goals.

Every design decision you make should tie in with the authentic messages your organization wishes to display. This includes everything from the color of the paint on the walls to the furniture, flooring, and even the light fixtures.

When office designs are authentic, employees take notice.

An authentic design reinforces your mission and message, which keeps everyone heading in the right direction and focused on the same goals. It can also address the common issue of dwindling employee engagement, and it often encourages productivity, creativity, and commitment.

It’s often said that the way you treat your employees is the way your employees will treat your customers. Well, authenticity matters for the very same reason. When employees see and feel authenticity, it’ll be reflected in their customer relationships.

Be genuine. If you aren’t, your employees will be the first to notice.

Your design cannot be one of those “fake it until you make it” types of approaches. An organization is only truly authentic when the internal messages within the workplace align with the external messages it sends to customers, clients, vendors, and the community.

The upcoming generation places a great value on authenticity.

Millennials have officially become the largest group in the workforce – and they care a lot about authenticity. Organizations will have to update and adapt their office designs and furniture to suit them (if they haven’t already).

Consider this:

  • Millennials are commonly known for their desire to work for companies that give them a sense of purpose and achievement. They like to contribute to the overall greater good, and an authentic office environment goes hand in hand with representing that idea.
  • Nearly all millennials appreciate authenticity, and they are perhaps the most brand loyal generation – as long as they can trust your company.

Projecting your story and showcasing your ability to be authentic attracts clients and impresses consumers.

Authenticity goes beyond the dictionary definition of being “real” or “genuine.” It symbolizes an organization’s commitment to its core ideals and allows your brand to be “felt” in a special way. That feeling is not easily forgotten, and it’s sure to build a lasting relationship with the people who matter to you most.

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