The “Lean” Office: Simplify your Office Space to Encourage Creativity

Is your business Lean? Were not talking about the belt size of your team members, but the productivity and streamline of your office space.

“Lean” refers to a business operating philosophy that creates a workspace that is constructed for interaction among team members along with a simplistic design.

In this culture of improvement, the workspace is simplified to avoid waste — whether it be wasted time, wasted activities or wasted space.  When the waste is eliminated, quality is improved, production time is reduced, and savings are realized.

Take into consideration the map of your office space.  Are there many obstacles to get from your desk to the copier? How about the supply room: is it an open space where time is not wasted on opening every cabinet or drawer just to find what you are looking for? This is a perfect example of wasted time equaling wasted production and increasing cost to you and in turn, to your consumers.

So now you may be asking yourself, How can I redefine and add functionality to my current space? Its not as hard as you may think: the idea is simplicity. You can start by taking into consideration the size of your staff. Are you in need of a large meeting room where many people can meet at once, or could you make that large room into a series of small meeting places where team members can spontaneously meet to bounce their creative ideas off one another?

Should large cubicles that confine and muffle ideas now be transformed into an open, shared workspace where ideas can flourish between brainstorming co-workers?  Modular mix and match furniture replaces the large, bulky desks and shelving units that weigh down the minds of those who have been concealed by them. 

Can you start to picture your new Lean workspace?

Let us make your office a great environment for your employees to interact and collaborate in. Well treat you like family and will create exactly what your office needs to succeed.  If you are interested in speaking with one of our office design professionals, feel free to call us at 419-925-5433 — or visit our showroom located at 8016 Industrial Drive, Maria Stein, Ohio.  Our design team can also visit your office to personally construct the perfect workspace for your team. 

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