Three considerations in office design planning

The landscape and expectations of office environments have evolved a great deal, from rows of cubicles to giant open settings with slides and gardens. But those changes aren’t simply to make the cover of a magazine, and most of them have nothing to do with being flashy or unique.

Well, the giant slide, maybe.

Statistics show a new, vibrant office design can do wonders for your employees’ creativity, production and retention. The right office also is a great way to show clients and customers who you are without saying a word.

If you are in the early planning stages and don’t know where to begin, consider these three key points to get your thoughts flowing.

ios3Your employees

Office and workspace settings have a huge impact on your team. It’s not only important you understand your staff, but the type of environment that will produce your goals.

If you want more collaboration and creativity, knock down the walls and use meeting tables and open workspaces to get your team working together. With laptops, iPads and smart phones allowing so much mobility, individual desks aren’t as necessary. That doesn’t mean you want to completely throw them out. You also want to create individual spaces for employees to get away from the pack and concentrate when necessary.

Oh, and one more thing, a great breakroom with a coffee bar is a pretty cool way to get employees away from work and interacting.


Flexibility is a great asset for any workspace. This is especially important if you are small but have designs on growing.

The key to flexible work environments is the right furniture and understanding how different spaces can be versatile. For instance, a person’s office can also be used as a small meeting room. Tables or desks that can be easily moved, either on rollers or wheels, will let you quickly change different spaces to meet different needs.

Plus, creative use of dividers and portable walls will help you to make small workspaces larger at a moment’s notice.

Reflect your brand

If you’ve done well with the first two, you’re well on your way to accomplishing this one. The affect your office has on employees helps reflect your brand 24/7. If your team has open areas to network and brainstorm, you’re ingraining a sense of unity and teamwork toward an overall company goal. The right furniture and space is planned shows everything from the authority structure to how your team creates and produces.

Now think of the colors, the lighting and the walls. As we’ve written about before, the right color has a huge impact on your office: how your employees work and how customers view you. When it comes to lighting, allowing sunlight to stream in with artificial, indirect light creates a warm, upbeat environment. Also, adorn the walls with paintings, murals, design awards and even ongoing projects that reflect who you are and where you want to go.

Your office sends messages to your employees and customers every second, and they might not even realize it. Their environment is so key to how they work, interact, think and perform. Asking these questions and beginning the planning process is a great way to get you and your company on the right path.


These are few of the big things to consider when you start planning or redesigning your office design. We can get you started on that path today with a free design quote. It’s quick and easy and a huge help in getting your company the perfect workspace for your team.

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