Time for an Upgrade. Is your Office Technology Friendly?

Technology, the access to technology, and the user-friendliness of said technology is top-of-mind for most everyone. Business is on the move these days and we need to be keeping up-to-date ourselves, to make sure we aren’t left behind. What’s one way of staying ahead of the curve? Ensuring your office is ready to meet the needs of an ever changing platform.


Embrace the “Bring Your Own Technology” Environment

Tablet or iPad. Desktop PC or MacBook. Most everyone has a preference when it comes to working with difference devices. Not only will this allow you to cut costs on equipment costs, but it will help increase productivity as your team is working with systems they are familiar. There are a few things to consider with this option however… Make sure security protocols are in place when it comes to data sharing, theft and loss. Also keep in mind not all pieces of equipment “talk to each other,” so make sure your platforms are compatible across the board.

Make sure You’ve Got Enough “Juice”

Regardless of how modern or upgraded your equipment are, you won’t get very far if your broadband isn’t strong. Slow connections, the dreaded frozen screen or spinning wheel of “death” can kill productivity and your employees will lose momentum on projects they are working.

Wi-Fi Coverage

The modern workspace may offer a relaxed work environment and long gone are the old “cubicle farms.” Strong wi-fi coverage within the office will allow you and your employees to be on the move. A wi-fi antenna provides the freedom to travel through the office and not be tethered to your desk.

What’s one way to keep your clients and guests happy? Provide them access to your wi-fi as well! Allowing your guests, clients and prospective customers access to your wi-fi will improve their satisfaction levels immensely.


Charging Stations

When upgrading your office, add a couple charging stations throughout the office, in meeting rooms and in your reception area. The worst feeling is walking into a meeting with your laptop dangerously close to a shut down and your power cord is sitting in your office across town on your desk. This is a quick and easy way for you to provide that “wow” moment for your clients and your staff.


Remember, technology is always changing, but making sure your office is on top of those changes and upgrading along the way you will reap the benefits. Keep things functional and fresh and you will keep your office and your team productive and motivated.


Our team at Innovative Office Solutions can provide solutions and advice for any company looking for an office redesign. We have options to incorporate technology solutions into your furniture choices. Our certified designers are trained and experienced at helping you get the most out of your workplace environment. Get a free quote today or email us at info@ios-inc.com and let us help!


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