Tips for space planning your new office

space-planningSpace planning for your office is the initial phase to a process that can transform an re-energize your company. Whether you are starting with a blank slate or redesigning what you’ve already got, there are many things to consider.

Office space planning is what we do on a daily basis and the benefits can be astounding. Proper space planning can help with everything from efficiency to productivity to employee retention. It can advance your companies’ brand and goals while creating a dynamic environment that promotes flexibility and communication.

Here are some tips to get you started on planning your ideal office space:

Check list1)      Priority list

Start from scratch. Take a look at the overall environment and evaluate what works, what doesn’t and what needs improved.

—  In any office, one of the top needs is communication and collaboration. What barriers stand in the way of those key functions now? How would your new office tear those walls down? Perhaps a “lean” office be a good way to encourage team creativity.

—  Daily organizational functions need to be considered closely to make sure staff productivity and efficiency improves with your revitalized office space.

—  Once you have taken a hard look at your goals for this project, the overall layout and design can be considered. This includes everything from the locations of offices, amenities and facilities to creating walkways to partitioning departments.

officedesign12)      Maximizing your space

Once you’ve mapped out your redesigned space, it’s time to fill it with the perfect furniture match while considering your storage space.

—  When it comes to furniture, there are many things to consider. To get started, what is right for your staff? Are you looking to create a fun, open environment? Maybe bench desks or community tables are a good idea for flexibility and collaboration. Thinking more professional? Individual desks and cubicles can be selected and arranged for almost any environment, from high paced to calm and serene. It’s just a matter of a keen eye for these details.

—  Budget. There’s no question budget is always a concern. However, a new office is crying out for its own furniture. The great thing is the giant selection of office furniture out there. Whatever your goals, budget and space requirements are, the perfect pieces are out there. It’s just a matter of making the right selection to bring your new environment to life.

—  Storage space. From personal space in desks to additional filing cabinets, cupboards or mobile spaces, this is one area you don’t want to overlook. Storage solutions that are subtle but well-planned create an office that is clean and efficient.

autocad3)      The right tools for the job

Designing office spaces includes a sharp eye for details combined with the best software available. At Innovative Office Solutions, we use software that includes AutoCAD®, CAP, Giza and E-magine. This gives our clients a virtual tour of their proposed space. It also assists in communicating with architects, contractors and interior designers to make sure the entire project is smooth.

IOS-logo1Making sure you design the perfect office space for your company is what we do, it’s our forte. Our certified designers don’t just look at the details of the furniture or the color scheme, we take you through the entire process: From the blank slate to reinvigorated office.

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Of course, we would love to help you design your new office space. If you are interested in speaking with one of our certified designers, call us at 419-925-5433 or visit our showroom located at 8016 Industrial Drive, Maria Stein, Ohio. Our design team can also visit your office to personally construct the perfect workspace for your team. To book your appointment click here.

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