Tips from the pros to maximize your office

Ever look around your office and think, “could we kick this environment up a notch?” Or are you considering a new office and want some great advice?

The truth is, a fantastic office environment transcends good furniture and efficient space. Proper use of color, sunlight, ergonomics and organization can create an environment that transcends the typical workplace and improves the creativity, health and productivity of your employees.

Take a look at some tips from the pros at Innovative Office Solutions on how to make the most of your workplace

IOS2COLOR AND LIGHT: Incorporate light in the workspace. Light makes everyone feel better. From private offices, to interior open offices and conference rooms’ exterior, natural sunlight is a great way to boost your employee morale.

Don’t be afraid to add color to your workspaces. Bright colors promote creativity and softer colors are more calming. Every color stimulates a different part of the brain, for example:  Consider painting an accent wall blue. Research indicates this stimulates the mind. Meanwhile, black can be an intimidating color, but incorporating it into your space — whether it’s through accessories, artwork or even your furniture — will help anchor the room and complement the rest of your décor.

And when it comes to patterns, prints and colors, go ahead and mix them up when selecting upholsteries, it helps give that “wow” factor to your overall space.


ERGONOMICS: When it comes to ergonomics, it’s important you understand the core of your body works best if it is as straight as possible, either standing or lying down. Because that is not always conducive to the office environment, try to set up your work station (chair, keyboard, monitor, etc.) so you are reclined 12 degrees when in a seated position. Always be aware of your posture.  Take a mental note and adjust. For example, If you notice you are “hunched over” your keyboard, recline back.

Take breaks from your work. Taking a minute or two to do some deep breathing will refuel your body with much-needed oxygen. Move your body. Get up and stretch. Do shoulder rolls, stretch your arms out in front of you or above your head. If you have steps, take a quick trip up and down.

Utilize computer ergonomics where possible. Monitor arms, CPU holders and keyboard trays maximize comfort and allow for a neat and tidy space at the same time. This is great for multi-user spaces.

ORGANIZATION: Look for ways to standardize office space and furniture but still allow for some personalization. White boards, tackable surfaces, fully adjustable task seating, storage needs are examples of how a person can personalize space but still have the overall look and feel across the entire space.

It can also be amazing how much better your space feels if you properly manage cords. Use the grommets in the desk and tuck cords into cord managers, zip tie wires together, etc. to eliminate the dirty dusty cob-webbed wires lying on the ground and the sweeper cannot get to.

Also, know your storage needs. Storage options are endless. File drawers, bookcases, storage cabinets, shelves; etc. Know what works and what you need to make the most of your workspace.

Desk top power can help incorporate convenient receptacles for phone, laptop and iPad devices. Who wants to crawl under their desk?


One of the best pieces of advice for any company looking for an office redesign is that it’s never too early to have Innovative Office Solutions involved in your project. Our certified designers are trained and experienced at helping you get the most out of your workplace environment. Get a free quote today or email us at and let us help you.









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