What a difference a color (scheme) makes

Choosing the right color scheme for your office, your customers

Do us a favor: Take a minute and look around your office. Specifically, look at the colors.

What do you notice? Now, do you think those colors mean much? Is it possible the color scheme that makes up your office are producing an effect on you and your co-workers?

Whether you realize it or not, it probably is.

It turns out, 2,000 years ago the Chinese discovered “Feng Shui,” which you’ve probably heard of. Feng Shui is the philosophical system of harmonizing the human existence with the surrounding environment.

But don’t just take their word for it, scientific studies back up those claims.

For instance, studies have found cool colors like blue and green have a very different affect than the color red, or black.

Whether you are designing a new office or re-designing the one you have, the right color scheme is a great way to influence your environment. And while it’s not a hard change, it requires careful consideration.

Start with the end in mind

The first step is to consider the mood you want to inspire. Are you striving for a creative environment? Or do you want to wake people up? Maybe, your goal is an efficient, fast-paced environment?

Well, there’s a color for all of those and many more. In fact, mixing and matching those colors can help you paint the perfect setting to create balance and harmony in your workspace.


Find the right match

Blue and Green: Studies show blue and green are superb colors for a busy environment. Not only do they have a calming effect, but blue in particular has been shown to enhance productivity, communication and confidence.

Red: Red is an interesting color. It’s been found to make people work faster and boosts performance in detail-oriented tasks. A couple examples in which red is a good color might be in a proofreading environment or for CPAs. However, offices colored red tend to be mistake-prone environments.

Black: Black is good for confidence and strength. It is also often used to create an elegant or distinctive environment.

White: White is the embodiment of knowledge, putting everything together. It also symbolizes purity. It’s very good to get the brain stimulated. It’s good to use in a challenging environment as it gives a clear perspective.

Yellow: Yellow creates energy, cheerfulness and is memorable.

Orange: Orange stimulates. It’s been found to help reduce fatigue, warm up a cold room and crank up an appetite.

Pink: Has a relaxing effect and helps with anxiety and aggression.

Violet/purple: Violet and purple are versatile and promote peace, wisdom, intuition and artistry.

ios3Once you’ve taken a good look at the environment you want, start looking at colors. There are many websites with color palettes that will allow you to peruse and mix different shades to see how they look.

Choosing the right color and the perfect mix of colors for your office can be fun, and it can have a profound effect on your employees and customers.

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