What’s your meeting style?

No one actually likes to have meetings, they are a necessary evil. However meeting styles have changed to be more adaptable and considerate to attendee’s time constraints. Here are a few meeting styles and some tips to help you improve the atmosphere and make your time spent, productive.

The Formal Sit-Down
This meeting style involves the board room table, agendas and has the potential for you to lose time. Technology can make these meetings quick and efficient. Using high-tech products similar to Epson’s BrightLink Pro, you can turn your meeting into a collaborative effort. This product offers tools which can allow for those off-site attendees to contribute. With all the advances in technology, you’re able to pull any satellite locations, off-site vendors or business partners.

Lunch Meetings
To keep your day moving and still tackle your to-do list, you may find yourself scheduling lunch meetings. Should this be the trend in your office, maybe it’s time for a lunchroom upgrade. Creating workspace for food, seating options for dining and still having proper seating and tables where you can bring your laptop or working materials can offer your employees enough options to relax during their break, or still use their time to continue working. Add a flat screen to your wall and use screen sharing technology – we use AppleTV – so you can work collaboratively with a co-worker or two without having to skip lunch.

Stand-up Meetings
Stand-up meetings are becoming increasingly more popular as there are more and more demands for our time. These meetings are short in nature and are a great way to start your day with your team. Ask your team to provide their to-do’s for the day, ask quick questions of co-workers and move on with the rest of your day. High top tables can provide a great option for a workspace for these short meetings. Try taking away the chairs, standing is the new sitting. Keeping employees on their toes will help to keep them on task.

Brainstorming Sessions
There comes a time where you need to sit down, break away from your desk and bounce ideas off a co-worker or business partner. Develop a creative space where you can relax, and let those creative juices flow. This space may offer a “living room” feel where you can kick your feet up and get away from the cubicle walls. Comfortable seating options, again, integrating technology such as Apple TV, using shared files or the Cloud can provide a productive space. Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery to get a new perspective.

Creative solutions, furniture design and technology can keep your team engaged, productive and your meetings short and sweet.

At Innovative Office Solutions, our designers are experts at creating the perfect meeting spaces for your team. Sign up for a free quote today and let us put our expertise to work for you.

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