Work Environment Improvements Your Team Actually Wants

A company’s work environment plays a vital role in not only keeping their team happy but also keeping productivity at high level. Studies have shown that there is a major connection between an office’s environment and the employee’s productivity. So much so, that an employer can expect an increase in productivity by 20% if they have a well-designed office space. If you’re wanting to invest well in your company, then it’s safe to say that it’s worth making work environment improvements to your office that will not only benefit the team but your bottom line as well.

Here are 3 work environment improvements that your team actually wants:

Company Culture

It may sound overly simple, however, company culture can make or break the overall work environment for your team. A solid company culture is the glue that brings everything together, helping to boost positivity, productivity and, overall, employee satisfaction. If you’re not sure what your company’s culture is, take the time to figure it out. What is that “wow” factor about your company that your team can’t get anywhere else. It’s worth establishing what your company culture is so that you can ensure you’re setting the right tone for the work environment you want to create.

Better Looking and More Comfortable Furniture

It’s not pleasant spending 8 hours a day in drab, uncomfortable furniture. Be sure your office environment is designed with your team in mind. It’s important that your furniture and aesthetics of the office correlates with your company culture. One study found that if employees “had a more comfortable workspace, one-third of respondents said they’d be more pleasant to work with, half said they’d be more productive and 35% said they’d feel less stressed.”

Additionally, when considering furniture, the overall ergonomic benefit to the user should be considered. In the same study noted earlier, researchers found that “54% said if they could make one change to improve the comfort of their workspace, they’d ask for a more ergonomic chair.” Remember, that good ergonomics is a major health benefit to the team. A healthy team means a happy and productive team.

Fully Stocked Break Room

Who wouldn’t want their favorite snacks and drinks freely available just a walk down the hall away?! But in all honesty, having your team’s favorite go-to snacks and drinks stocked in the office break room is a major benefit to you. Researchers found that “50% of respondents reported leaving the office on coffee or snack runs at least once a day”. Think about all the time that is lost during the work day on coffee and snack runs. By keeping a fully stocked break room, you’re showing the team you care, saving them time and money, and making break time more efficient.

Bottomline, if you want to see a happier and more productive workforce then give them want they want! Make the investment in creating a work environment your team actually wants to spend their time in.

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