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When you walk into a business, you can literally feel the aura that the “space” is giving off. You’ve heard the expression: “You only get one chance to make a first impression”.. if someone only gets a glimpse of your office before making a decision on who your company is as an organization…what kind of things can help you make your office amazing?

We’re here to help you with Office Design Tips :

For starters, pick out a theme Color or Colors to design your Office Space.

The color of your office space can invoke many different feelings and responses. Blue makes people feel calm and tranquil. Blue is also the trustworthiest color. If you work in Health Care Administration your colors could be in the Green or White Hues of colors meaning compassion, self healing and balance. Click here to discover more about the psychology of colors:

What “feel” do you want your Office Space to have? Trendy Office Space, Corporate Office Space, Contemporary Office Space or Academic Office Space look and Design? Openness- Does your office space make even un-claustrophobic people feel caged in? If you have the ability, why not remove some walls to make a more “open” feel. Openness will bring a sense of transparency to everyone who walks into your office.

If you need help visualizing what your new space could be transformed into, let us do a free consultation, and our office design professionals can design a rendering of what your space would look like.

Healthcare furniture and design

Healthcare furniture and design

Office Furniture is essential to your look- If your office furniture looks outdated and cheap, your customers or clients just may think the same thing about you. Take a peek below at cool office designs and furniture. If you walked in to their office what would you think about this company just off of one glance? It’s all about what do you want to portray. What should people “feel” when they visit your office space? Furniture is vital to making your office’s “aura” a good one.

Let the office “aura” experts help make your office space into something great. If you are interested in speaking with one of our Office Design Professionals feel free to contact us at 419-925-5433 or visit our showroom located at 8016 Industrial Drive, Maria Stein, Ohio. Our design team can also visit your office to construct the perfect workspace for your team. To book your appointment click here.

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Other Quick Tips on the Psychology of Color :


Turquoise. Insight, progressive thinking, healing.
Red. Self-motivation, leadership, generosity.
Chartreuse. Flexibility, growth, expansion.
Pink. Support, nurturance. sympathetic understanding.
Black. Self-sufficiency, individualism, protection.
Burgundy. Adventure, emotional play and expression.
Green. Clear perception, self-recognition, compassion.
Orange. Quick-thinking, intuition, independence.
Yellow. Communication, observation, analysis.
Blue. Clear thinking, diligence, organization.
Mint. Self-healing, tranquility, time-out.
Indigo. Self-reliance, clear and holistic thought.
White. Cleansing, protective, simplification.
Gray. Need a vacation, acute sensibility, calming.
Purple. Artistry, spirituality, culture.
Yellow Orange. Life-promoting creativity, quickness.

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