Innovative Office Solutions offers premier professional furniture and interior design for workplaces

IOS lives up to its name by being the Innovative Office Solution provider to clients in Ohio and across the United States. As a full-service dealer, we provide furniture and professional interior space planning to corporate, healthcare, educational, hospitality, and government accounts. We know that each segment of the market has it’s own unique challenges and needs. That’s why we train our staff to evaluate the needs of each client and provide solutions to their challenges.

At IOS, we take a different approach to showing our clients how their space can transform. We offer the unique ability to show you in 3D the office solutions we can provide your business or workspace. Conveniently at your own location, our one of our experienced staff members can show you what our capabilities are. This is just one of the reasons our clients consider us a resource rather than a vendor. We think outside the box to provide our clients with a concept that truly fits their vision.

Our partnership with more than 300 manufacturers allows us to turn our customer’s vision into reality.

Meet the Team

Eric Eyink President

Eric Eyink is our supercharged, fearless leader who prides himself on delighting his customers with cutting-edge, innovative results. Although his official title is President, he is also known as our customer service guru, forward-thinking advisor, and a living, breathing furniture encyclopedia. Eric’s enthusiasm is infectious and his customer service skills are extraordinary – that’s what makes him so successful in cultivating client relationships. Eric is always up on what’s trending in the industry, and you can be confident that IOS always incorporates the latest software programs and design techniques into all projects. When Eric is not working with his clients on projects, you’ll find him coaching his kid’s youth sports teams, or cheerleading in the yard with his daughter.

Greg Nietfeld General Manager

Greg is a rookie to the furniture empire. He comes to IOS with 15 years of management experience from the manufacturing world where he wore many different hats to help support a company with over 500 associates. His knack for thriftiness makes him a perfect fit to handle the purchasing department and his experience is here to help lead and keep IOS a fine running machine. After hours, you can find Greg traveling the world with his wife Tana, floating on the lake or working on that high golf handicap of his.

Don Eyink Facilities Manager

With almost 40 years’ experience in the office furniture industry, Don is the appointed patriarch of the IOS family. Having been the owner of a successful office products dealership, Don has seen it all in the evolution of office furniture. His extensive knowledge and long term relationships are invaluable as he negotiates the best price for IOS and our clients. When Don isn’t negotiating furniture deals, you will find him at his grandkids games or negotiating strokes in a round of golf.

Jake Westerheide Director of Design & Operations

Jake Westerheide is the one-stop-shop for everything IOS. His official title is Director of Design and Operations, but it could be Master of all things Furniture. Detail oriented doesn’t even begin to explain his personality. Jake has a wonderful way of keeping the “Big Picture” in mind whether he is helping with design or fine tuning operations. His sarcasm has a way of really lightening the mood and he can take it as well as he can dish it. When Jake is not thinking about furniture you will find him enjoying his family and rooting for his beloved Buckeyes & Browns.

Kelly Guggenbiller Controller/CFO

Kelly holds the purse strings of IOS. She keeps all the books in order, the vendors happy, and the associates on payroll happy but occasionally has to say NO to all those ‘wants’ the IOS family has. She is efficient in what she does and always has a smile on her face! But hey, have you met a woman yet who isn’t happy spending money! (Once in a while she does allows us to splurge!) Kelly, along with her husband Matt, enjoys spending time with her children and extended family along with ruining tennis shoes with all the walking and bicycling she does!

Jason Winner Account Executive

Jason is a high energy, nothing we cannot do, type of guy. This energy and enthusiasm is very contagious. His design engineering and construction background allows him to handle the smallest of projects to the largest of new building furniture needs. Fresh ideas never stop flowing and he likes to put himself in the owner shoes to figure out what he would do if this were his own space. His experience allows customers to receive more than just new furniture but rather a better work culture. Jason’s downtime is filled herding and mentoring his 4 children, which would scare most, if not for his wife Michelle. Currently his kids call him coach as much as Dad and he still loves to get up and down the court (some say trip and fall) when able. In those occasional peaceful moments it’s nature that calls; whether it’s burning himself by the campfire, bird-nerding in the backyard, getting bit-up hiking through the woods, or chasing the little white ball on a well-manicured fairway.

Shelly Rohr Account Executive

Hardworking, enthusiastic, driven are just a few of the words to describe how Shelly goes about her business. With over 20 years of sales experience in various markets, Shelly is exploring the furniture world. Her creativeness and eye for design allows customers to ensure they are getting an expert’s opinion in making their buying decision. Visualizing the final product is a skill that Shelly should get a patent on. Along with her husband Dick, Shelly enjoys spending after hours outdoor, at the gym, watching her grandchild or just with a warm fire and a good book.

Jill Oldiges Project Manager

Jill keeps the product flowing at IOS. Following up on deliveries, scheduling installations with our customers, organizing warehouse deliveries or keeping our internal installers busy is a just a flavor of what Jill touches in a days work. Everyone says a computer is a necessity in today’s business world but Jill works her magic through the phone and thrives on keeping our customers up-to-date and in the loop on everything revolving around their order. Jill and her husband Mark stay busy supporting their 2 children’s sporting events. Jill can also be found traveling the world, hanging out at Norris Lake or testing her endurance through the ING sports – hikING, kayakING, paddle boardING or bikING.

Megan Stucke Designer

Better known as the quiet assassin, Megan is willing to take on any design project and conquer it without the first word of animosity. She has a keen eye to adapt the newest colors and fashions into her designs and can give any client that big city look and feel or that down home country taste. Megan sees her relationship with the client as a partnership and strives to continue that partnership well beyond the project. After hours, Megan can be found redecorating her and her husband Ryan’s house with the latest trends, getting her hands dirty in the garden or spending time at every women’s second home, the shopping mall!!!

Joe Hartings Installation Coordinator

IOS’s own version of Tim “The Toolman” Taylor but with all the handyman skills and none of the awkward clumsiness. Joe leads our installation crew with a no job is too small or too large mentality. Yes, not all installs go perfectly but Joe’s ability to remedy situations ensures all jobs are done professionally to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Your workplace is his workplace and he treats it that way. Joe and his wife Renee are both very active in volunteering for their community, along with spending time with their 2 children. When Joe is not putting out fires at work, he is doing it for the community as a volunteer fire fighter (Thank you Joe!). He also spends time staying sharp on his wood working skills in his home shop!

Debbie Wenning Sales Support

If Don is the patriarch of the IOS family, Debbie is the matriarch. She does it all for the IOS family. She keeps an eye on the details of the office and is always there to lend a helpful hand. If she is not helping a customer over the phone, she can be found working on a sales order, researching a product for our sales team or planning that next office party! Let’s not forget that fabulous skill that all of IOS appreciates: Cooking!!! Her tasty treats are a close second to the warm personality she brings to the office and to our customers on a daily basis! Along with enjoying cooking, Debbie and her husband Jeff stay busy watching their children grow up ever so fast and spending time with their extended families!

Brad Muhlenkamp Installation Coordinator

Who is hardworking, willing to learn, has a great personality and always has a smile on his face? If you answered Brad Muhlenkamp you are correct. Brad is the second member of our installation team. He is quick with a joke but also quick to jump right in and tackle any tasks asked of him. He goes about his installation projects with the least amount of interruption to our customers. He understands that how he leaves the job site is the last impression of IOS on the customer and he ensures it is done perfectly. Brad and his wife Carol have 2 sons. After work, Brad can be found coaching on the sidelines or sitting in the stands rooting on his beloved Ohio State Buckeyes and Marion Local Flyers!

Heather Bruggeman Designer

The Rookie. Every company needs some young blood to keep the veterans on their toes. With a four year design degree from Ball State in her hands, Heather brings a youthful outlook to our design team. She has already proven to be able to incorporate a timeless design into spaces or transform it to the latest, greatest design you only see on television. She is hungry to learn our clients various cultures and design the perfect space for their teams. After work, Heather and husband Tyler can be found remodeling their recently purchased house and planning the rest of their lives together.

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